Show Early, Show Often

I once worked on a team supporting an internally developed and maintained application.

This application was the beating heart of the organisation. Every organisation has one of these.

You know the application at your company, the one that can’t be bought off the shelf? The one that reflects your company’s business model?

That one.

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Poor customer service? Are you doing your part?

Are you a good customer? Have you ever thought about how your own attitude in a given scenario affects the interaction?

I was working at the Keystone Resort, in Colorado, in the US, over the winter of 1998/99 as part of a student working holiday program.

I was assigned to Base Operations. We were the groundsmen of the resort. We cleared the footpaths after snowfall, collected the trash from restaurants, and we marshaled the car parks amongst other things. Not very glamorous but a lot of fun.

We also had to man the parking booths. Remember the old days when you paid a real live human on leaving a paid parking lot? Well that was us.

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